Harold – The Last Elected King

The Project


“the story of the journey by Harold Godwinson and his army, from York to Hastings, in September and October 1066 in the imagined words of those who were there”

We’ve been fascinated by the story of Harold Godwinson’s forced journey with his army, from victory in York over the Vikings to defeat in Hastings by William, about which so little is known.

As community theatre makers, we’ve been particularly interested to explore the impact of this journey on the communities which Harold and the army may have passed through, and the individuals who can have had little understanding of the changes that William’s victory in Hastings was to bring.

In this 950th anniversary of the events, Harold – The Last Elected King, tells the story of the journey, in the imagined words of those who were there.

The event is made up of 16 short monologues written by Brian Abbott, which have been recorded by 16 actors.

Each day from September 30 until October 15 – the day following the anniversary of the Battle of Hastings – we will post a new story.

Philip Parr
September 30, 2016